「David Tao Academy of Musicology (DTAM)」 was founded by Mr David Tao; a musician, producer, singer-songwriter and music entrepreneur, on July 2017 in Singapore and DTAM is also the sister company of

「New Song Education」in Taiwan. Mr David Tao is also the CEO of Great Entertainment and New Songs Publishing where both companies are key players in the Asian music industry.

'Professionals for the Professionals’

On 2014, 「New Song Education」was established:

Aiming at gathering professionals from the music industry, to provide professional music training as well as a forum for people interested in music production and music business.

Utilizing lectures, workshops, master class and forums, we strive not only to “educate” but, through our network with the music industry, act as a platform to develop “new blood” with the potential to become a working professional in the music industry!