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No way! Vocal Production by two masters?! What are you waiting for! Be prepared to be amazed by the know-hows and tips in being an all rounder - That includes learning from the masters themselves on various Vocal Production techniques and skillset!

Award-winning producer - Mr. Andrew Chu will let you understand how Vocal Production works during the Production process. He will go through the technologies used to highlight and support the vocal performance in modern record production and mixes.


We all understand that vocals in a song serve as the focus of the songs but not many know the tools and technologies behind it. Mr. Andrew Chu, along with Mr. Ang Junyang will bring you through this and you can bring your vocal recordings to another level! During this class, they will also be demonstrating various stages of vocal production, to bring you more insights of what will happen during the actual recording session. 

All in one, what are you waiting for? 

Topics include: 


  • Introduction to Vocal Production

    • What is Vocal Production? 

    • Big 4 Elements of Vocal Production

  • 1st Element: The Vocal Recording Process

    • Choose the right accessories 

      • Microphones, Headphones, Pop Filter, e.t.c. 

    • Recording Studio Environment

  • 2nd Element: Music Perspective

    • Everything you need to know for Vocal Production 

      • Lyrics, Melody, Breathing, Phrasing, e.t.c.

  • 3rd Element: Psychological Perspective 

    • Director

    • Capturing the moment 

    • Making Singer at ease 

    • Psychological factors

  • 4th Element: Post Production 

    • Vocal Comping / Tuning 

    • Harmony VS Background Vocals 

    • Mixing + Vocal Ride