[DTAM] Andrew Chu - Vocal Production P2.

Vocal Production Part 2 is back! Learn from the Master - Mr. Andrew Chu himself in this 5 hours masterclass on 3rd Aug 2019! Vocal Production Masterclass Part 2 include various topics such as Vocal Comping, Tuning and etc. Be prepared to be amazed by the know-hows and tips to be an all rounder in Vocal Production!

Learn how to produce “pro” sounding vocals with guidance from Mr. Andrew Chu! At the end of the course, you will be able to create outstanding and stunning vocals from an average vocal! Creates masterpiece with us now! 

During this masterclass, you can realistically expect what to get from all the processing and tuning of the vocals. Also, learn different approaches to comping, what to look out for when you are comping! Vocal Tuning and Mixing are essential areas in this class too! You can expect to learn more about compressor for vocals, EQ them and explore around! Look for any problems and solve them. 

Vocal Production Masterclass PART 2 Let's Go!

Topics include: 


  • Vocal Comping 人聲剪接

  • Vocal tuning 人聲音準修正

  • Harmony vs BG vocals 主音、合聲

  • Mixing + Vocal Ride 混音+ 人聲的音量表情的動態